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There are two words starting with C which have driven the development of mankind.
The first one is ‘Competition’ and the other is ‘Cooperation’.
The competition and the cooperation seem like the opposite in meaning, but they became the same meaning at the end since the competition through the cooperation is very beneficial to both.
In modern times, no country on earth can be self-sufficient. This is one of reasons that call for the era of FTA.
FTA seems like endless competition, but in reality, it is endless corporation and endless possibilities.

Modern economy is in red ocean where a single business or a single technology can’t guarantee the growth.
Therefore, we need a new start in this fusion era that requires the creation of new added value through the combination of technologies and corporation between different business areas.
Some call this “Creative Economy Era” and others call “Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Executives and employees of our company hope to contribute to the local development in small perspective while the world development in big perspective. We endeavor to create better and new values through the fusion and corporation between technology & technology, human & human, and country & country. We hope to coexist with all companies inside and outside of Korea which participate and cooperate with us.

We sincerely wish the prosperity of everyone who visited our company website, and we would like to bless everyone.
Thank you.

July 5, 2017

Chief Director, Saemangeum International Distribution Oriented Cooperative Association

Chairman, Korea-China Trading Group

Seung Soo Kim