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Historical Background

The Symbolic Meaning of Cheonghaejin Trading Market and Saemangeum
Trading Market

Pogo Chang of the Silla Dynasty was a historical person who led the international trading around Cheonghaejin in Wando with not only the East Asia but also with Arabia merchants. Considering the current situation of trading companies and manufacturing companies which still pursue the sales either by participating in Overseas Trading Shows or by house-to-house sales, it is very surprising that the Pogo Chang did the trading by gathering Chinese, Japanese and Arabian merchants in the Cheonghaejin over 1000 years ago.

The One Belt and One Road Project of China is the effort to integrate the ground silk road that connects Middle Asia and Europe, and 60 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa into a single economy zone. The Ocean Silk Road is to restore the sea route that connected South China, Indian Ocean, and Africa which was pioneered by Cheng Ho’s Southern Sea Expedition of the Ming Dynasty about 600 years ago, and the Saemangeum Trade Market is to restore the Cheonghaejin Trade Market of Pogo Chang about 1000 years ago.

One more important historical fact is that Saemangeum is a new silk road to China just like Cheonghaejin which was the main route of the trading with China. The Saemangeum of this modern era is facing the largest economic regions of China, and it is like economic fortress. Especially, the Saemangeum Port has a geographical advantage since it is very close to the Fujian Province on the One-Road which is the Ocean Silk Road that connects to Africa Continent. Particularly, Saemangeum Korea-China Economy Cooperation Complex is the core place of economic cooperation between Korea and China of which the joint development is agreed in 2014 by both presidents of two countries.

5 Key Words of Mechanism

Connection of 5 Keywords for Developing International Trading Market

  • PCM Marketing
    (producer cluster marketing)
  • Economy of scale
  • Convention effect
  • Market survey
  • Price survey
  • Related Info.
  • Import/Export request
  • Development of local /
      international branch
  • Visit local / international
  • TDD Trading Type
    (trade direct dealing)
  • TDD trading to various
  • Distribution right to each
      country in Korea
  • Attract foreign buyer
  • Development of Import/
      Export platform
  • International Coproduction Complex
    (international coproduction)
  • Global outsourcing
  • Local outsourcing
  • R&D Center
  • Korea-China Joint
      Venture Company
  • Business Incubator Center
      for Young Men
  • Foster young talents
      in trading
  • stablish the business
      eco-system for recovering
      small & medium sized Co.
  • FOEX
    (fore exposition)
  • Trade
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Production
  • FTA Utilization
    (fta conjugation)
  • USA, EU FTA took into
  • Korea-China FTA took
      into effect.
  • FTA benefits with other
  • Attract Chinese
      Companies using FTA

Overview of Major Businesses

Global Trade-oriented City
SMG Trade-Valley

  • International Trading Market
    Advanced International Trading Market
  • Manufacturer cluster marketing
  • Establish the trade base with the utilization of FTA
  • Host trade shows by each industry
  • Advanced market for small & medium companies in each country
  • International Coproduction Complex
    Small & Medium Sized Company Cluster
  • Establish apartment type coproduction factories
  • Promote raw material & subsidiary material industry
  • Restore the ecosystem for small & medium manufacturing companies
  • Foster companies by young CEO and venture companies
  • US/EU FTA Utilization
    Attract Companies Using FTA
  • Attract Korean companies U-turn to Korea
  • Attract global companies in China
  • Attract Chinese Companies with FTA effect
  • Attract international joint venture companies
  • International Trading Information
    Worldwide On/off-line Information Network
  • Establish sale branch network in each country
  • Stationed at representative centers of each country
  • Joint Research Center between Industry & Academy
  • Foster Center for young traders with high potential